Payment Agents Terms
Of Agreement

This Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Payment Agent’s Agreement”), is made effective as of Jun, 2021 By and Between the following parties:
CHRISTLIKE SUCCESS LINKS, a subsidiary of DabOlis International Ltd, with her Headquarters situated at No. 1 Christlike-House, Alh-Layoonu Layout, Kobo, Oshogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. Email: [email protected]


Her Payment Agents, hereinafter referred to as: “CSLinks Payment Agent;” a verified and an approved Partner with the CSLinks Partnership Programme.

This Agreement sets forth the legal binding, terms and conditions that would bind the parties and govern the buying and selling processes of CSD.

By virtue of this Agreement, any Approved Applicant is hereby referred to as Authorized CSLinks Payment Agent and is powered to buy and sell CSD and make good profit.

Below are the articles that binds the parties, defines the contract and set out the terms and conditions governing the process of this contract.

Article 1.
A Payment Agent is an approved partner who buys and sells CSD among partners and members of CSLinks Partnership Programme. To become an agent, you must be a verified and an approved partner. Then Apply, once your application is approved, you become a certified CSLinks Payment Agent.

Article 2.
Payment Agent buys CSD from other partner and pay the Seller directly into his/her bank account or any other preferred or agreed payment Method. The Agent is to confirm the receipt of the CSD from the seller before making payment.

Articles 3.
Payment Agent buys at any bargained rate accepted by both the buyer and seller. The Agent purchase benchmark should be $200 – $250.

Article 4.
The Payment Agent must ensure to have the Cash equivalent bargained CSD before accepting to receive the CSD wallet transfer from the seller.

Article 5.
Agents shall be eligible to make withdrawals without limit or restriction immediately CSLinks commences payment based on the agreed rate with the organisation.

Article 6.
Payment Agents are hereinafter assured that withdrawals of their purchased CSD from CSLinks would be open for them at a bargainable rate on or before January 2022, so they can replenish their used funds.

Article 7.
Payment Agents are eligible to request for a ‘view only’ login details of the Metatrader4 trading account as they are considered stakeholders in the partnership programme.

Articles 8.
CSLinks is bound by this article to do all necessary, which has commenced already to ensure the bounce back and commencement of payment even if it requires liquidating her properties so as to ensure Agents can access withdrawal as when stipulated.

Article 9
Any Agent who contravenes any of these articles, will be penalised and or suspended and Agent’s Authorization revoked.

Article 10.
This contract agreement is subject to amendment if need arises. And all concerned parties will be notified.

Article 11.
By filling and submitting the Agent’s Application Form, you accept to abide by the terms and conditions governing this contract.

To apply, kindly click here and fill the Agent’s application form. If your application is considered, it shall be approved within 48hrs.

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